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Foodys and Work Culture

Every college has that one part within its campus which reflects the vibrance and exuberance of students. The area near Foody’s is arguably the place to be if you want to understand what it is like to be a VITian. It tells a story of people of different clubs and chapters working in hushed tones near the SMV tank, of the various events that take place at Greenos and of the cake smearing abilities of friends hanging out at Foody’s.

If you get to be part of a club or a chapter, you will frequently be called for meetings near the “SMV tank”. No one knows what purpose the war-tank serves, yet it has become a very recognisable monument for all VITians. If you happen to be near that area during evenings, you would find it choc-a-block with people. Club members work there, as they take updates and plan out new agendas. Ideas are discussed upon and work is divided. And sometimes, members are awarded treats at the nearby Amul shop.

Greenos is an area which is always buzzing with activity. It hosts a wide variety of events : dance shows, rock concerts, talent hunts, product launches, melas, food galas, cultural nights, guest talks and so much more. You can never be sure of what to expect. Sitting on the grass and watching these events unfold is a good experience. And sometimes, these events will be invitation only. However, you can always watch them from the fences.

Foody’s is perhaps the one area which is habited all through the day. It is a place for people to sit down and have a chat. Meetings are often called during weekends where members are able to sit and converse in a more relaxed environment. During the evenings however what catches the eye is people celebrating their birthdays and cake flying all over the place. It is the one place where cake-cutting is legalised and students make full use of it. So perhaps, it is with some thought that a set of taps have been constructed between Greenos and Foody’s!


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